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Q4 Launches New Online Annual Report Product

Today we are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our newest product, Online Annual Reports. At Q4, we firmly believe that telling an IR story through a dynamic and interactive website is the best way for investors to understand a company and its value. We’ve taken that same belief and applied it to our latest product offering for Annual Reports.
The Online Annual Report’s main function is to simply apply key aspects from your Annual Report and present those aspects in a dynamic fashion that is only possible when hosted …

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4 Design Trends to Consider When Designing Your Next Corporate or IR Site

Throughout 2014, we’ve seen a couple of prominent design elements across websites – from image galleries with captions, full-screen photography, clean colour schemes and simplified content. With the coming of a new year, now is a great time to look into the leading design trends that you are going to start noticing more and more. We came across an infographic on Hubspot’s blog that outlines a couple of design aspects to keep an eye out for in 2015, along with some continuing trends that will stay evident throughout this year. …

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10 New Ways Companies are Sharing their Earnings Call Key Messages

This post comes courtesy of guest contributor Ezra Marbach. This post first appeared on his blog, Finance 2.0
Once their earnings calls end, public company executives typically call it a day.
Not anymore.
Over the last year, public company executives have been increasingly using a variety of platforms to disseminate their own earnings call key messages.
In a noisy world, especially during earnings season, this makes perfect sense.
Oftentimes, analysts and investors walk away from earnings calls with different conclusions than what management hoped to convey. Post-call appearances allow executives another opportunity to impart their own …

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Union or Activist?! The Answers are in…

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago we tried out a new game I made up called UNION OR ACTIVIST?!!?.  The game tests a contestant’s ability to differentiate statements made about union salting/organizing campaigns from those relating to activist campaigns. As a reminder, the statements were:

(Blank) are using ever more aggressive tactics.
(Blank) routinely uses negative press releases, media coverage and websites with negative information about the company and complaints filed against the company to put pressure on a company.
(Blank)’s tactics are protected by policies that companies feel give (Blank) an unfair …

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Q4 Web Systems Closes $5 million Venture Round to Fuel Expansion

This past year has been an extremely exciting one at Q4. In 2014 we doubled our US client base, including almost 20% of the S&P 500 – the world’s most respected brands such as  Nike, Salesforce, FedEx and McDonald’s use Q4 delivered websites, mobile applications and market intelligence solutions to redefine how they interact with capital markets. As a result we have undergone a large scale expansion of our North American team, adding over 46 new employees and doubling our office space in Toronto to 8,000 square feet.
In order to …

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The IPO Process Explained in Six Steps by GrubHub Founder

We recently stumbled upon an informative blog post by GrubHub’s Founder, Mike Evans, that takes us through his experience of discovering what the IPO process is truly like. Below are some highlights taken from Mike’s post that we think are invaluable for any company thinking about or in the process of an IPO.
In basic terms, the IPO process can be thought of as a transaction that occurs during pricing and opening trade, which will be explained further below. Mike starts off by describing the IPO process as ‘very secretive’ and …