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Q4 Announces New Quantitative Market Intelligence Product Suite

Today, we’re happy to announce the official release of our new Market Intelligence Product Suite. This new suite has been made possible through the collaborative efforts of the development team at Q4 and the former Wall Street quantitative PhD technologists and senior team of market analysts from Oxford Intelligence Partners who now make up the Q4 Intelligence team.
The new suite includes Q4 Surveillance, a stock trading ownership surveillance platform, Trading Analytics, a unique set of quantitative analytics focused on market sentiment, volatility and activism and Relative Performance, which highlights stock …

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IROs, Stay Ahead of the Curve:  Predicting Post-earnings Reactions

“It is far better to foresee even without certainty than not to foresee at all.”
–Henri Poincare in The Foundations of Science, page 129
Third Quarter earnings snuck up on us with dizzying speed last week. Didn’t we just report results? According to our Director of Global Derivatives, Ken Keating, the “Most wonderful time of the year,” kicked off in interesting fashion last week.
Ken issued multiple alerts last week, but none more important than the earnings forecasts. I am sure every IRO reading this blog has gotten the question from senior management, …

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Assimilate Your Company’s Latest Events in One Section on Your IR Homepage

For investors, having easy access to your company’s latest information on your IR website is integral to a positive browsing experience. This means providing easy access to information about your company’s latest events, news, social feed, blog, and presentations.
HubSpot is a great example – the company’s IR homepage is nicely designed, incorporating large background images and featuring a video at the very top. As the user scrolls down, they are are able to view the Hubspot’s Latest Events section, which combines their news and events, Twitter feed, corporate blog in …

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Goldman Sachs – Going Wireless and Announcing Earnings via Twitter

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is moving away from the use of traditional news wires, and will instead take earnings reporting into its own hands with the use of social media –  as stated yesterday in an article titled “Goldman Sachs Earnings Are Moving to Twitter” on the Wall Street Journal. With Goldman Sach’s being a major market leader, this move shows the beginning of a move away from traditional wire services towards an exclusively social approach.
In its announcement yesterday, the company’s quarterly earnings statement, which will be held next week, …

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Current Market Structure and the Rise of Quantitative Analytics for IROs

Last week I presented at the MAPI Capital Markets Workshop to a group of IROs from the manufacturing space. I was going over my notes about how important options trading is to IROs when a slide from the IEX Exchange presenter caught my eye.

What in the world was that? Did I wander into the wrong room? Were we discussing how to split the atom?
Nope…I was in the right room. The slide in front of me was the detail about how my 100 share order to buy AT&T stock made its …

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Use a Table to Highlight your Value Proposition

Representing your company’s value proposition is a key feature of your IR website. Curious investors are combing through your website, seeking out information on what makes you company valuable. By providing an easy to understand and straightforward “Why Invest” section, you are saving your audience a lot of time and effort.
Vulcan Materials is an excellent example – providing a simple, three-column, table in their Why Invest section that houses the company’s value proposition. As you can see below, each of the columns represent Vulcan’s value proposition, outlining their strengths and …