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New Q4 Whitepaper: 2014 Earnings Webcasting Best Practices

The latest Q4 Whitepaper looks at how some of today’s leading publicly traded companies are preparing for, implementing and archiving their quarterly and annual earnings webcasts.
With our experience hosting earnings webcasts for our clients, we have been able to cull a large amount of data that reveals emerging trends in the structure of earnings presentations today. We also investigate how technological influences are having tide-changing effects on how investors access earnings presentations online.
Along with our own data, we have highlighted the online activities of leading public companies to see how …

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Conveying Your Company’s Mission Adds Value to your IR Site

A good investor relations website will serve as an information hub for investors and analysts. The fundamental aspect to keep in mind when establishing your company’s IR website is the display content. Is the information your investors and analysts looking for easy to find? Are you able to reduce the number of clicks it takes for them to reach a specific page? Factors like these come into play when aiming for the creation of an innovative IR website.
This week’s ‘Website of the Week’ blog series highlights Goldcorp’s sleek IR website. When you fire up their site, …

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Retain the visual experience of your website on mobile devices with Responsive Design

With mobile traffic continuing to grow at a rapid pace, it is important to ensure that no matter what device your investors are using to access your website, they are getting the experience you intended.
A lot of work goes into designing an investor relations website. A great deal of thought regarding the navigational behaviour of investors, where content should be featured and the layout of that content.
For this week’s website of the week, we would like to highlight Live Nation’s use of responsive design and inventive method of stacking content …

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2014 Investor Relations Best Practice Whitepaper: Earnings Webcasting – ebook version

With the end of 2014 approaching fast, now is a great opportunity to learn from today’s leading public companies and see what it takes to conduct a successful earnings webcast.
Last week, we released our new 2014 Best Practices whitepaper that lays out some significant points to consider when preparing your earnings webcast. Having hosted earnings webcasts for many our clients in 2014, we were able to assemble a large amount of data that reveals how leading public companies prepare for, implement, and archive their quarterly and annual earnings webcasts.
For those that haven’t …

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Do former sell-side analysts make the best IROs?

Do former sell-side analysts make the best IROs?
Given how many are now getting in-house IR jobs, it would sure seem that way. And, no doubt, there’s a lot to like about their background. For instance:

They come into the role with a different kind of “Rolodex” as they likely have personal relationships with the key institutional investors and the other sell-side analysts that follow the company.
They were once a part of the target audience, so they have a different perspective on what works and what doesn’t work when positioning the company within …

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Enhancing Earnings Data Through Visuals

For any publicly traded company, the ability to implement effective storytelling is very important. Without clear, concise, and easily accessible information on an IR website, investors and analysts will have a hard time retrieving data. This is especially applicable with information that is made available post earnings call/webcast.
IR Smartt has just released a fantastic new study entitled ‘Impact of Graphic Design on Memory of Earnings Data,’ and in this blog we will provide our take on the importance of adding visuals to represent earnings data. We will also list some of the …