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New Q4 Whitepaper: 2014 Earnings Webcasting Best Practices

The latest Q4 Whitepaper looks at how some of today’s leading publicly traded companies are preparing for, implementing and archiving their quarterly and annual earnings webcasts.
With our experience hosting earnings webcasts for our clients, we have been able to cull a large amount of data that reveals emerging trends in the structure of earnings presentations today. We also investigate how technological influences are having tide-changing effects on how investors access earnings presentations online.
Along with our own data, we have highlighted the online activities of leading public companies to see how …

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Improve audience experience by bundling content in events section

Today’s post of our Website of the Week blog series will outline the Events and Presentations section on the Las Vegas Sands investor relations website.
The company has done an excellent job providing their investors with well rounded events and presentation section. Each event listed both past and present can be expanded to reveal additional key materials like PDF versions of presentation slides, press releases associated with the event and an archived audio file of the live webcast. They have also included a SlideShare window with their latest presentation so that …

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The lion and the boar: A lesson on the importance of understanding your business ecosystem

I’d like to tell you a story about a lion and a boar.
On a hot summer afternoon, a lion and a boar each felt very thirsty. While they were looking for water they both happened upon the same well at exactly the same time. A quarrel immediately ensued as they argued about who would drink first from the well. Soon the quarrel turned into a fight and then it was all out bloodshed.
They fought for a long time. Both of them became badly wounded but that didn’t stop them from taking another swipe …

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Recap of RethinkIR Webcast: Telling Better Stories

Recently, we hosted the very first episode of our new — RethinkIR webseries. The focus of this new series is to bring together the best and brightest in IR, communications and tech and have lively, informative conversations about how IROs can improve their IR program.
The live event was broadcast on Wednesday, December 10th, and was hosted by Darrell Heaps (CEO & Founder at Q4), featuring Rob Berick (Senior VP & Managing Director at Falls Communications), and Matt Sonefeldt (Head of Investor Education at LinkedIn).
Webcast link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yhcxFEk3a8&list=UU0gJZQN-AUi3oeMnqVVd-PA
The discussion was primarily focused …

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Enhance your website experience with Interactive Reporting Tools

For this addition of the Website of the Week, we would like to highlight Tyson Foods and their inclusion of an Interactive Analyst Center on their IR website. For those unfamiliar, an Interactive Analyst Center is hugely beneficial to anyone looking to do in-depth quantitative research with a company’s financial history.
As illustrated below, the tool has the data clearly and sleekly lined up—on the top left you see the Quarterly tab divided into: Income Statement (Quarter, Q), Income Statement (Year to Date, YTD), Balance Sheets (Q), and a Cash Flow …

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It’s Investor Conference Season. How Can IR Make Better Use of Them?

This post comes courtesy of guest contributor Ezra Marbach. This post first appeared on his blog, Finance 2.0 
Investor conferences are often a waste of time.
Public companies attend, present – and HOPE that institutional investors show up, are engaged, request more info, and ultimately invest.

Unfortunately, it rarely happens that way. Instead, conferences are typically packed with concurrent public company presentations competing for the attention of a limited number of institutional investors. As a result, it’s difficult for companies to stand out.But, thanks to the Internet, investor conferences can be a lot …